Anticipatory Loss Resources

This page is dedicated to anticipatory pet loss resources for families navigating the impending loss of their best friend. It provides a curated collection of information, resources, and support networks to help individuals cope with the challenges of this difficult journey. Whether you’re seeking advice on making your pet’s final days comfortable or when articles to assist you in knowing when it is time to help them become free of discomfort, this page offers you compassionate guidance and practical resources.

Lap of Love is passionate network of nationwide veterinarians dedicated to end-of-life care including pet euthanasia and hospice care. To find a veterinarian near you, or to learn more about their organization, please click here.

EUTHABAG is a pet body bag specially designed to preserve the dignity of pets after their passing. EUTHABAG is dignified, practical, leakproof, affordable, elegant and it contains recycled material. Pets have always had a special place in our lives and we want to honor that unique bond. EUTHABAG helps to have a ritual and peace of mind. Their founder, a veterinarian, could not stand to use a plastic bag to place her deceased patients in. She created a solution to honor the human animal bond that is so dear to her. To learn more, please visit their website.

Quality-of-Life Assessment via Lap of Love

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Anticipatory Grief: Fearing The Loss Of A Beloved Pet
Article by Senior Paws

Pet Loss Anticipatory Grief: Ideas for Coping
Article by Mimi Handlin

14 Best Children’s Books for Loss of Pet
Article written by Carolina

Rainbow Bridge Connection Podcast
A podcast for “anyone who has ever lost a companion animal or is looking for an animal based community. We will discuss our personal experiences, listeners experiences as well as the perspectives from animal related causes, businesses and non-profits.”

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VIDEO: How to Say Goodbye on a Good Day by Dr. Mary Gardner

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