Dedicated to Tilly

Nov. 2014-March 27th, 2018

I adopted Tilly as a feral kitten. She was terrified, not eating or drinking or using the bathroom. She hissed when I picked her up, and to top it all off…she had worms. She was the last kitten at the shelter. When I arrived home, I scooped her up and put her on my chest so she could feel my heartbeat, and covered the blanket over us, lifting it with my hand so she could poke her head out and breathe. She began purring instantly. It was in that moment that warm tears fell from my face and I knew I had just met my soulmate.​

On the morning of March 27th, 2018, Tilly was playing on the end of the bed and got her head caught in the bed frame, breaking her neck and dying instantly. I was not able to get to her in time.

Tilly was an angel even before she became one. She was full of a unique personality that was a fierce combination of sweetness and sass. She made a silly little chittering noise every time someone sneezed, and loved to sit snuggled up in my lap in front of the pellet stove, just staring at me while purring. I miss her every day. 

Tilly never had the chance to live out her whole life. She died at the age of 4. So, why would I name this project after her? Because the type of love she taught me is now the love I am photographing. Through honoring other pet’s lives, I honor and celebrate hers.

Love ya, Til. My sweet girl.