Ideas to Memorialize Your Pet

There are many ways to honor the life of a pet: artwork, jewelry, tattoos, etc. Whether they have already passed, or are still with you, the most important thing is to find what feels right to you as you celebrate the life and love of your pet. Below is a list of ideas + examples to help you create a long-lasting and meaningful tribute.

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Memorial Garden or Stone

Custom stone by sjengraving on Etsy

Cuddle Clone

Order a handcrafted, custom plush of your beloved pet from Cuddle Clone. For %15 off your order, you can use code “TILLYX”

DIY Paw Print Ornament

All you need is salt, white flower, and water! Click the photo for full instructions

Donate in their Honor

Make a donation to your local pet shelter, rescue, or animal welfare related nonprofit

Write an obituary

Spread ashes at special or favorite place

Get a Tattoo

Dylan Carr
Crown & Feather Tattoo, Philadelphia

Ask for clippings of fur/hair/whiskers

Get a Custom Portrait

Oil Painting by Kelly Jo Shows

Watercolor by Sommer Cassidy

Instagram: @macawbre_arts

Embroidered Portrait by TheFaithfulThread

Painting by Nauti Dog Fine Arts

Digital Illustration by LeFloreStudio

Watercolor by MoonHandArt

Write a letter to your pet

Create a Bucket List for your Pet

Custom Wind Chime

Tote by

Celebration of Life or Funeral

Custom Coloring Book Page

Plant a Tree with Your Pet’s Ashes

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Custom Sculpted Nose Pendant